The Daddy Sleep Consultant has arrived!

Meet the first ever male sleep consultant in the UK and Ireland, The Daddy Sleep Consultant

Introducing Chris McFadden, AKA the Daddy Sleep Consultant. Not only is Chris fully qualified, but he is also the first male sleep consultant in the UK and Ireland. Now a dad of two young boys, The Daddy Sleep Consultant specialises in designing gentle sleep training programmes, specific to his clients’ family rhythms and lifestyle. Chris is one of the only sleep consultants that offers unlimited support, and even though you often see results in a few days, he will be with you every step of the way even if it takes longer than 2 weeks. 

Born in Glasgow but now residing in Kent, it was his first son Teddy who ignited Chris’ passion to help families who were struggling with getting their children to sleep. As a newborn, Teddy had initially been a great sleeper. He slept through the night occasionally from 10 weeks and consistently from 14 weeks. This all changed at around the age of five months. After many long, emotional and exhausting evenings spent Google searching ‘why won’t my child go to sleep?’ Chris and his wife hired a sleep consultant. 

The couple quickly found that together they were able to resolve the issues and life improved dramatically. This ability to change family life and creating happier, healthier practices lit a fire in Chris to assist other families with similar issues to re-connect with their love of parenting… and so, the Daddy Sleep Consultant was born.

Not a fan of the ‘crying it out’ strategy, Chris is excited to be driving the business forward in 2021: “Sleep is such an important factor for parents to function properly on a day-to-day basis when caring for their children and for their wellbeing too. We have been working directly with families to regulate their children’s sleeping patterns for several years now, this is our passion. That is why we want to start helping brands who create products that assist in the sleeping process to promote themselves too. We are now offering expert tips, endorsements, blogging and are welcoming ambassadorships going forward. After a difficult year in 2020 for everyone, we want to offer our services to spur us all on for a better 2021.”

The Daddy Sleep Consultant is available for expert tips, quotes, product endorsements and ambassadorships now. For more information log onto

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